Mar 15 2008
The Trick Your Grocery Store Uses To Overcharge You!

The Trick Your Grocery Store Uses To Overcharge You!
There is nothing special about me, I am a mom of two kids and I have
a job as a cashier at my local supermarket. Like most Americans I am
struggling very much to make ends meet as the prices of almost
everything is going up on a daily basis. I really don’t trust
anything that I don’t see with my own two eyes. This is why when I
saw a television show for the programs at I really didn’t even pay attention.
But soon after that I started paying attention at work and watching
what people were paying for their groceries, by the way the
management at my store told us that grocery prices will be going up
another 45% across the board by this July. I had two customers that
checked out with practically the same items: 2 meats, milk, orange
juice, baby food and cereal one woman paid $ 47.16 and the other lady
paid $ 10.09. It turns out that the second lady is part of this
program. Over the following three weeks whenever I saw a person
getting an unusual amount of items for almost nothing I would inquire
how they did it. In almost every case the people were part of this
program at Then three weeks ago a
woman was on my line with an overflowing cart of groceries, meds,
toiletries, etc and only had to pay $ 26.63 well that was enough for
me. I signed up that day for this company’s sampler which actually
has given me similar savings on so much more than just what you find
at your supermarket. I am really angry with myself when I think of
all the money I have thrown away by not signing up for this program
last year when I saw the television show for it.


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