Jan 6 2008
The Picture Mug

The Travel Picture Mug
For Christmas we received a picture mug from the folks at The Picture Mug.

Apparently we are not the only ones as they are out of stock due to popular demand, although they should have them available any day now.

Order yours today and place a photo in the mug. You can easily update the picture.

The Travel Picture Mug

They also sell mugs.

About the Picture Mug Co.
The Picture Mug Co. is a wholly owned subsidiary of An Open Heart Co. located in Santa Rosa, CA.
Our mission is reflected in all the choices we make in our business: How we treat each other as people, the type of products we design, the materials we choose to work with, the factories we choose to manufacture our products, the environment we choose to work in, the people we choose to assemble our products, and what we choose to do with our profits.

Create your own Picture Mug!
Our personalized Picture Mugs allow you to insert your favorite photos, artwork, scrapbook collages into the mugs and change them as often as you’d like. If you like, you could have a different personalized coffee mug for every day of the week!
In this site we offer the best quality personalized photo mugs available. Click here to see what our customers have to say about the Picture Mug.
The Travel Picture Mug is made with a stainless steel inner cup, has sturdy construction, and is waterproof to protect your photos and artwork. Personalized photo mugs make great personalized wedding favors or gifts for other occasions.
If you’re looking for fundraising ideas, our personalized photo mugs are perfect fundraising products.


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