Jan 6 2008
AT&T Poor Customer Service Experience

I must say that I have not been too happy with the folks at AT&T.

Recently my wife decided to switch over to t-mobile from AT&T, to try to save some money and be on the same service as me.

Last month we received a bill for $7.95, after we closed the account. I tried to go online to pay the amount and the account was no longer active. So I called AT&T and asked them why they make it so difficult, I guess that was a dumb question.
So I asked the representative if he could credit the balance and close the account. He said he would see what he could do and within a few minutes he said it was all set. I left with a good feeling about AT&T, they tried to leave things in good standing with a customer(I am still an AT&T customer for home phone and DSL service, although not sure how much longer, based on this treatment).
So in the mail yesterday we received a bill for $1.00!!! I was shocked. So I called AT&T and asked why we received the bill, 90 cents + 10 cents tax! I said you have to be kidding, you want me to send a check for $1 and spend $.41 cents to send it?
The rep said they could accept the credit card I had used on the account. At this point I thought, you know I don’t have the patience to deal with this just pay it, so i did.

Then I started thinking about it more and how the call was handled by the rep.

The fact that one rep can close the account and tell me that everything is closed and I will not be receiving any more bills. The other rep tells me that I owe money.

Here’s the message to AT&T, there has to be some reasonable consideration for customers and the general public.


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