Jul 27 2012
That’s So Cool Duda! Mobile Website

These days, no matter what you do for a living every business worth their salt has a unique website and the vast majority of their trade is conducted online. More often than not the website can make or break a company, act as valuable advertising and provide customers with the first impression of the company they are considering doing business with. It may have taken a bit of getting used to, but ever since the web became a dominant force, businesses have exploited this vast marketplace and things have never looked better. Unfortunately, technological advancements haven’t stood still and the internet is now accessible from a whole host of different platforms. not all of these platforms can host the standard computer based web page and yet again, companies need to adapt or be left behind.

DudaMobile is a company that have identified this problem and come up with a solution that can make the transition from computer website to mobile website cheap, quick and seamless.

The company boasts:


One click conversion

Customization of your existing website

Easy syncronisation with your existing website

Simple and free functionality

The whole concept is based on simplicity and is perfect for anyone from the technological genius to the computerphobe. se a host of pre-developed templates, customize your site with the user-friendly design studio and off you go!

You can even choose from a range of plans to find the solution that suits your needs the most, whether that’s the Basic scheme for FREE, (yes…..FREE!) and ideal for the everyday internet user, Premium for $9.00 a month and ideal for businesses and professionals, or the ‘Hire a Pro’ option for$499 (first year) and then $86.40 a year after that, where Duda will build a bespoke website just for you.

Whatever your needs, DudaMobile have a mobile website conversion solution for you


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