Sep 15 2009
Nu Wave Oven The Next step in Cooking Technology

nuwave_holiday1Cooking on open fire is now a thing of the past. Safe, fast and healthy methods are what have taken over the world with Nu Wave Oven. The Nu Wave Oven is based on infra red technology which means faster and germ free way to cook as Infra red heat kills the germs but preserve the nutritional value of your food.

With your Nu Wave Oven you can bake, broil, steam, grill, toast, roast and even barbecue your favorite food in just minutes

Nu Wave Oven is eco friendly and saves you a lot of money on electricity bills as it is energy efficient up to 85%. The Nu Wave Oven is convenient to carry around and can be a great help in cooking with all its accessories. Enjoy the great new taste with the great new way to cook.


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