Apr 14 2012
NextDayFlyers.com Brochures Printing Deals Cheaper and Better

A great offer by NextDayFlyers.com has been introduced. You can get brochures printed for your company in just $110.95

The Brochure is also known as Pamphlet, is a type of leaflet. Mostly Brochures can be found at the place where tourists frequently visit, such as museum major shops. There is another type of brochure that’s interpersonal brochures that are based on other people. Then you also find pamphlets relating to health that give you some tips to do with your health.
Uncoated Opaque paper (70lb)
This paper is used for printing letterhead and other materials regarding to marketing 70lb uncoated opaque paper has been allowed for writing, typing. It is the best choice for typing and copying both sides. It has the ability to do work properly with laser printers and high speed copying machines, this paper will fulfill the demands properly for all kind of businesses.
Cardstock (14pt)
It is their thickest and stiffest paper and coated to makes colors jump off the page. This will be the best choice for business cards, club flyers, greeting and folded cards. And it is according to standards of USPS to be made into six various postcard’s sizes. It can also be sent in the mail to delivery your significant and important marketing messages. Important handling such as tickets, menus, gift certificates and door hangers become possible only because of this cardstock
Glossy bookweight paper (100lb)
It is much thicker and stiffer compare to uncoated opaque paper. 100lb glossy bookweight paper is the ideal solution for applications that call for vibrant colors and durability. Display of color appears with great intensity that helps to enhance customer demands. Especially, posters, booklets, menu and calendar and brochures are using huge volume of this paper.
Crack and peel stickers (60lb)
NextDay Flyers is providing large volume of sticker in different sizes and shapes. These types of stickers are mostly used for indoor use and provide convenience of east to peek backing.
Recently they have introduced new technology to maintain high quality and reliability for customer satisfaction.

Get your brochures now in just $110.95!


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