Apr 14 2012
Lending Club P2P Loans and Investing @lendingclub

Lending Club is a consumer loan origination and investment platform. Since its incorporation company has originated about $545,000,000 in shape of loans to prim credit borrowers. Company is providing loans at attractive terms and conditions than offered by any bank or credit cards. Normally, loans are funded by investors by eliminating the different costs like intermediation and it also resolve the complexity of traditional banking process.
Prime consumer note is fixed-income investment that creates monthly cash flow in the shape of payment of interest and principal. Usually, investors like to invest in hundreds and thousands of notes in order to diversify and benefit from more predictable performance.

  • Company approves about 10% of the loan applications, based on rules credit criteria.
  • In Last month average lending club borrower show below features;
  • 13.4%debit-to-income ratio but without mortgage
  • 15 year of history (credit)
  • $69,570 was Personal income
  • $11,418 average loan

According to company rules you have provided Net Annualized Return by grade b/w 5.8% to 12.44% and you are free to choose any grade or grades that fit for your investment goals. The investor can get month cash payments in shape of principle and interest. For the18 consecutive quarter’s positive return have been provided by Lending Club Notes.
But here question arises who invests at Lending Club?
Even in the last month, investors funded about $545,000,000 in the form of load and they get $46,800,000 as interest payments. On average basis investor’s accounts are growing continuously 3 to 4 time year after year.
A number of businessmen are quickly joining Lending club and earning millions of dollars.

Easy to get started here with setting up your loan today.


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