Jul 6 2009
Make a decision with ChoiceAnalyst

Make a decision — and have a program help you make the best one.

Say you’re trying to decide whether to fly or drive on your next
vacation, figure out what car to buy, or wondering which financial
advisor to choose (let’s see, Madoff is in jail and Milken is out of
the biz…). Try
<https://www.updateagent.com/products/choiceanalyst/>ChoiceAnalyst, a
simple-to-use, yet sophisticated program that helps you solve
problems and make better decisions.

The tool helps you to think through your options and criteria, add
decision makers — spouse, co-workers, giving them a level of
influence — and watch the tool’s algorithm look of the data.
ChoiceAnalyst displays the ratings and results; it also guarantees in
writing that its made the right choice for you. [Nah, just joking
about the guarantee.)

It’s in beta, so you get in on playing with it for free; I don’t know
what it’ll cost, but when it’s released, I know I can get you a deal.
[Note to PIBMUG alumni: You might remember Carey Harwin — he
presented many times and gave away lots of software to members.]


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