Nov 29 2011
Interpret Dreams with Silva Method

Some believe it and some not but dreams do shape our lives. Just think if we can interpret the dream and analyze its hidden meaning, we will understand it is reflecting our facets of our life which we have deeply kept it hidden from the outer world. By interpreting our dreams, we can face all our problems without too much burden or worry.

This is what Silva believes in? She helps people to enhance the power of dreams, which can solve all the worries and problems of your life, and that too with Silva’s dream control technique. It states your brain is always working while you are sleeping-you are in fact thinking about your past, future, and every day problems. In fact your whole day activities and thoughts are deeply ingrained into both the hemispheres of your brain, and what we get are the haphazard answers. If we are able to interpret these answers, we will be able to lease the thoughts of our imagination to resolve all our problems. This is the way scientists and artists’ brains works? Instead of following the logic, they move beyond the unseen while awake or asleep. In logic thinking, you move from A to B but through imagination you can get anywhere.

Silva’s method can entail you to have actual interpretation of your dreams most accurately and helps you to solve all your problems. As and as you learn to analyze your dream, you will notice symbolism which in some form or the other is associated with your daily life. This will help you to have understanding of anything happening in your life and in fact you can control your dreams too. So why not use Silva method, understand what our dreams are saying to us and have a deep meaning to our lives.


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