Nov 29 2011
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Are you searching the internet for solutions to view and edit Adobe Acrobat PDF forms on your iOS device, like the iPhone and iPad?

Well there are a few solutions worth noting.

1. Lifeforms –  does exactly what you want. You can fill out a form, print, email it or save it. Sign the form, add notes, draw or handwrite notes. It also saves every word you enter in a word list to use on the next form. It is a great app.

Cost: $9.99

2.  Note Taker HD app does the trick. Great app to fill-out pdf’s, get signatures on forms, etc. I am a Financial Planner and have my clients sign docs via Note Taker HD on my iPad.

3.  PDF Reader Pro Edition – If you need an app that can handle PDF forms you can check PDF Reader Pro Edition for iPad, the latest update that was released today works with PDF forms. This is the direct link:

4.  PDF Epxert for iPad
PDF Forms (even caclucations)
-two-way dropbox sync
-amazing UI
-annotation tools
-management tools

cost: $9.99


5. FORM TOOLS PDF – Will let you add text boxes, check boxes, images, and draw free hand on a PDF.
However, it’s greatest feature is the ability to create a form that can be filled out over and over again. Look for it in the app store. a must have if you want to work with PDF’s on the iPad.

cost: $4.99

6. Goodreader to do this all the time. Works great. I think Goodreader is the best app in the App store. Goodreader, allows you to annotate your PDFs. The other is Forms Tools. This allows you to create a template over an existing PDF and create field. If it had pull down box or radio button optins, it would be better, but so far seems to be the best.

cost: $4.99

7.  DocAS Lite (free version) –  allows you to annotate, type within the PDF form to fill it out, record a speaker note and play it back, slide pannel to rest your palm; add notes like post or sticky note to the document. I find it basic but cool and most of all free! I don’t need to print a form just filled in the required info, signed and send it back to the requestor. Save trees!

cost: $0 – Free

8. Type on PDF free

cost: $0 – free


Summary:  Of all the apps that are available, which one will work for you depends on your needs.


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