Jan 8 2024
Email Gmail Cleanup Tips

If you are like most your email and cloud storage is filling up fast with pictures and email.

Apple and Google both prompt to increase storage, but at the same time you are overwhelmed with the space pictures and email takes.

The first thing to do is to stop the flood of emails into your email account.  Some may be spam some may be lists that you subscribed to years ago and just never unsubscribed from or some online store or other email you got on and forgot.

Watch your email for a day and as emails come in assess if you really need to be on that list.

You can try to use labels and tags and have email moved into folders, but for email that you really don’t need it moves it out of the way but still is taking space.  Best to look at the emails and if you really don’t need them, unsubscribe, search for all the emails from that sender in your inbox and review to make sure those all match what you want to delete, and then as in many cases there may be more than one page of those that match, select the option to select all those that match, then click the trash icon to delete, then go into the trash and review these are the ones you want to delete and if so, you can delete or they will auto delete in 30 days.

Then experience the freedom of not having a cluttered email inbox.

There are also other things you can do including searching the oldest emails and largest emails to see if there’s anything in there you need.


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