Apr 21 2010
Does getting married equal over eating

A study was done by the University of North Carolina looking at couples in romantic relationships and how this bonding affected them both physically and mentally. They followed a group of couples from romantic involvement all the way to marriage and found that after a few years of marriage partners were more likely to become obese, than if they were single and going out with different women. The study is quite conclusive as it looked at over 6000 couples and found that it was the women that were most at risk; they were roughly 63% more likely than men to become obese in the first year of marriage.

Some people might attribute this to a woman believing that now they have a husband they can let go a little, though most of the volunteers said this was absurd, as they needed to keep their husbands interested in them of risk losing him to another. The point of this information is keeping a healthy lifestyle as not only a way to keep you and your partner feeling good, but also as an example for your children on how to live well.


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