Nov 9 2012
Costco Now Providing Mortgage Services!

Good news for all Costco members!

Costco Mortgage

Costco has teamed up with First Choice Loan Services to provide mortgage services. And the top national lenders have committed to providing superior pricing, excellent member service and fast response times.

Getting started is simple! Go to or from the Costco member home page, click on the SERVICES tab and select Mortgage Services. Once on the Mortgage Services webpage, complete the form describing your mortgage loan scenario which will enable you to receive a number of competitive quotes from lenders within seconds.

If you are struggling with how to complete the online request form, simply click the “Help Desk” link. You can then contact a support representative via telephone or email to obtain the support you need.

It’s important that you evaluate all of the terms of each quote before choosing the one that’s best for you. You can easily compare the interest rate, APR, points, loan amount, loan term and other loan quote details on the Mortgage Services results page.

If unfortunately you need to cancel your loan request after you have accepted a loan quote, you must contact the lender you’ve been matched with directly. The lender’s contact information is included in the details of your loan quote.

If you are concerned about the safety of your transaction – don’t be! The Mortgage Services site uses secure technology to ensure that the data you send is protected, confidential and secure.

If your initial loan request does not match you to a lender who can meet your needs, no worries, you can continue to modify your loan detail and resubmit your request. If Costco still can’t match your loan request to a lender, contact a support representative and they will help you contact a lender who may be able to address your specific needs.

Preferred lenders participating in the Mortgage Services program include top national banks (depository institutions) and mortgage bankers. All lenders go through a rigorous evaluation process before being selected to participate. Mortgage Brokers, those who do not lend directly to borrowers, are not included in the program.

And because the market and interest rates can increase and decrease so quickly, the rates offered on the website are not considered best and final; however the platform providing this service uses real-time data which reflects a good representation of rates currently available.

You are under no obligation to accept any of the loan quotes presented to you on the Mortgage Services website. However, if you do accept a loan quote and would like to proceed with a loan application, you may be obligated to pay a fee to begin the process.

Visit today to find out more on how you can begin!


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