Jan 30 2012
Celebrating with your friends before your wedding is a great idea

Bachelor party has been around as an old-age ritual as long as there have been weddings. It’s always great for the groom to spend some quality time on the last night or weekend to leave him with some memories that would stay fresh even long after several years of marriage. But the best celebration comes with a party that does not jeopardize the marriage. Have a great time with friends without getting into too much trouble since the idea is pure celebration minus a messy outcome.

Bachelor Party vs. Wedding day

Wedding day is of course more significant day in the life of the groom but plan a bachelor party well ahead at least a couple of weeks before the wedding. This will ensure that you as a groom can celebrate both the days with much comfort and ease. Let the memories not fade away in the hectic journey of celebrations that come one by one. Give yourself some time to prepare well before your final day too. It’s advisable to keep the two celebrations at a fair distance from each other in dates! It’s no joy for anyone seeing you enter your wedding day with bloodshot eyes.

Venue Speaks Your Mood

And yes this is true! The selection of the venue speaks about the mood with which you intend to celebrate your bachelor party. If it’s a restaurant, it’s natural that you are planning something happening. But if you wish to celebrate it in a beach side or prefer to lock yourselves in a room before you hit the buzzer for starting the show, plans will be different. So, ensure that you are not selecting a venue where you can’t carry on with what you have planned and that, it does not look abrupt.

What to do?

Sitting across together, whiskey, games, casino, sporting, paintball, skydiving and music – there is so much to involve in your plans for a bachelor party. Sitting around the bonfire, narrating stories from your past will give your bachelor party that required ingredient of humor and everlasting fun. You can well plan the theme of the party in advance to give your party a more colorful look. However, you must allow your friends the prerogative of surprises that they might have planned for you!

Stay Safe and Alive By the End

Safety needs to be kept in mind after you end up with your bachelor party and before you step into a new phase of your life. Don’t drink and drive and don’t drive in haste. Make sure you have backups like a driver (who is not drunk) ready to get you back home safely. You can also jot down your plans in a paper so that you are still going well even after you are drunk.

It’s better to have at least one person ready who will not lose on control and is capable of taking the responsibility till the end – it can be you or another friend. You can rock during a concert, go sporting and enjoying in an amusement park or simply sit beside a beach but whatever you do just make sure you have your budgets well planned. Celebrate with friends before your wedding and enjoy the last day of your bachelorhood with a day never spent before.

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