Jun 30 2010
AT&T iPhone Service Problems Solution: Verizon

Rumors are running on overload as we are hearing that Verizon may be picking up the iPhone as early as January 2011. Yes you have what could be the solution to all the dropped calls and poor service plaguing the iPhone on the AT&T network.

I would venture to say that Apple and AT&T have come to some sort of agreement allowing them to break their contract probably having something to do with all the problems on the AT&T network, that AT&T can’t keep up with the demands on their network.

We will have to wait and see, but Verizon should be able to handle the load much better as it has been rolling out infrastructure for years of it’s 3G network and is probably one of the most robust and advanced networks out there.

Chances this will mean a new improved iPhone 4 or iPhone 4G could be in the works and would be announced in 2011 or 2012.

Anyone have any comments?


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