Sep 9 2014
Apple Watch TAPTIC Engine

Kevin Lynch – Apple Watch Demo

Apple Watch measures three aspects of movement.


Apple Watch measures three aspects of movement.

The Activity app shows three rings: one for Move, one for Exercise, and one for Stand.

Receive and send messages in amazing ways — from your wrist.

Receive and send messages in amazing ways — from your wrist.

Send preset phrases, smart responses based on your conversation, audio messages, your location — even interactive emojis.


Apple investors appear to like the news of the Apple Watch announcement.

Glances –

Control your Apple TV

Viewfinder for iPhone

Walkie Talkie

Control music on Apple Watch or other devices nearby, playing some Coldplay from the Apple Watch, tracks.

Information coming to you. TapTic Engine

So the Apple Watch is not going to be named iWatch.

Third party developers with Apps.

Apple pay will work with Apple Watch.

Facebook friend request.

WatchKit, rich experiences

Actionable Notifications


Appls for home screen

Timeline , trending

Traveling, American  Airlines, checking in to collecting bags

Check  into hotel, unlock hotel room door by waving Apple Watch

W Hotels in the Spring of 2015

city Mapper


Walking directions

BMW charge level, map to car, and back




Nike, challenge

some of the great apps

Waiting for developers.

Ordering link

Apple watch will cost. $349 starting price

Will be available early 2015.

Available starting: Early 2015

Apple Watch requires iPhone

Works with iPhone 6, 6Plus 5s, 5c, 5.

200 million people can use Apple Watch

Simple to charge, inductive charging.

Jay Blahnik

Apple Hires Nike FuelBand Guru Jay Blahnik

Apple Watch health and fitness application

Gives ability to motivate people, a bit more active, or track what you are doing, serious athlete,

Fitness App

Workout App – set goals

Incredible team in health in fitness at Apple, how it comes together.


Jay Blahnik works for Apple

Stand break, sitting less can go a long way towards better health

dedicated workout app.


Apple Watch

Apple Watch Sport

– light and durable

Apple Watch Edition

18k gold, twice as hard as standard gold

Maps on Apple Watch

Apple Digital Touch

send a message or interact, tap each other


TapTic Engine

Apple S1 Chip

4 Saphire lenses, pulse rate, gps and wifi, comprehensive picture of daily activities

+- 50 milliseconds

Wireless charging!

– range of watch faces

– you can personalize

6 different straps, interchangeable.

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sports bands, bold colors, sweat and chemical resistance

leather look


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