Apr 22 2010
Tony and Jane sustainable living pioneers start hobbit house community in Wales

Do you remember those cozy looking Hobbit houses on the Lord of the Ring movies? Well, imagine living in one of those comfortable houses, off the grid and not dependant on any centralized power for your resources. This is a reality for one couple Tony Wrench and his partner Jane Faith who have been living in a completely self sufficient hobbit home hidden away in a remote farm area in Wales.

No one knew of their location, until a routine aerial survey of the surrounding area alerted their whereabouts to the authorities. When the planners visited the farm to investigate they found a scene straight out of the Lord of the rings film; the building is made of natural materials, mud, straw and sand with a grass roof to protect from rain. The couple had turned an old bus window into a skylight and a milk churner into a make shift stove; for getting rid of waste Mr Wrench has a compost lavatory, and for heat they use wood fires. They have few electrical items and the ones that they do use are powered by wind turbines and solar panels that Tony has built him self.  

The happy couple had been planning to start a hidden community of self sufficient home owners who are tired of depending on the government and private companies for their basic needs, but with this latest discovery they were worried that they would be quickly shut down. This wasn’t the case, media coverage helped to give Mr Wrench the support he needed to continue with his project and the public has hailed him as a pioneer in sustainable living.

Now Tony and his partner have just been granted permission to continue with the building of 8 more similar houses in the area and sponsors have stepped in to give him a hand with the materials.


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