Aug 31 2013
2003 Honda Accord Brake and TCS ! Warning Sensor Lights On

Honda Accord Brake and TCS ! Warning Sensor Lights On

Have you had the lights on the dash of your Honda Accord 2003 or similar model go on all of a sudden.

There’s a few possible problems that could have occurred related to the brake master cylinder that may have failed.

There’s a sensor that attaches to the master cylinder that may have failed. In some cases you will read that if you disconnect the sensor the lights will turn off on the dash. This is only recommended if you are testing and not a long term solution, the sensor will alert you if the fluid level is low.

We have also read that if the system is flushed, that that sometimes helps get the sensor working again. Perhaps a bad connection on the sensor. There are others that cover the sensor with black tape, but I don’t know what that is about.

A new master cylinder sells for about $180 or so and you can find a rebuilt one for maybe $140 or less.



Chances are the brake fluid level switch inside the resevoir has stuck. I have replaced a few master cylinders for this, ( the resevoir is NOT sold seperately ). If you unplug the brake fluid level connector, see if the BRAKE light goes out. If it does, you have found the problem. I’m sure the TCS DTC is related to this.

Cleaning the resevoir with brake cleaner and putting new fluid back in

There is a dtc (data trouble code) in your abs/tcs system. It could have something to do with the at (auto trans)system. You have to have your local dealer scan it with their hds tablet, and probably charge you to do so.




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