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Jul 30 2008
Pasaena Walk About

Please join us for the Walkabout Part II: Ice Cream Social event on

Saturday, August 9

from 10 am – 12 pm

at the Pasadena Presbyterian Church (585 E. Colorado Blvd.)

RSVP by responding to this email or by calling 626-744-0340.

Jul 29 2008
California CookShack South Pasadena Breakfast Spot

Have you ever been to the Cook Shack?

California Cookshack

1929 Huntington Dr
South Pasadena, CA 91030
(626) 799-3333
Get directions

I’ve been a few times and the place is pretty good.

Go check it out.
Call for schedule as they have limited hours.

Jul 29 2008
Earthquake in Los Angeles

There’s been a large earthquake in the Los Angeles area. Epicenter was Chino Hills, very shallow according to reports. Approximate time was around 11:42.

I was driving on the 5 freeway and felt the car rocking, like someone had lifted the car and was rocking it, also looked like the road was moving in a wave motion. Very sureal experience.

Reports are that no injuries at this point. Which is good news for an earthquake of this magnitude. Expect aftershocks.

Did you feel it? Where are you located?

Jul 29 2008
twhirl Status Message

twhirl Status Message
twitter is using a wrong SSL certificate for its servers at the moment. You might see security warnings pop up. Sorry for any inconveniences.

Jul 29 2008
Shop at Woodwind and Brasswind

Shop at Woodwind and Brasswind

Jul 29 2008


LOS ANGELES _ The 2008 DIY Book Festival has issued a call for entries for its seventh annual program celebrating the success of independent authors and publishers.

The DIY Book Festival will consider self-published or independent publisher non-fiction, fiction, biography/autobiography, children’s books, teenage, how-to, cookbooks, science fiction, audio/spoken word, photography, art, comics, ‘zines, fan fiction, poetry and e-books published on or after Jan. 1, 2006. All entries must be in English and have been self-published or issued by an independent publishing house.

*** Please note that print-on-demand (POD) authors with iUniverse, PublishAmerica, Infinity Publishing and other outlets are eligible for the competition.

Our grand prize for the 2008 DIYBF Book of the Year is $1500 cash and a flight to the awards ceremony, held in February, 2009 as part of the annual DIY Convention in Los Angeles.

Genre category winners will receive a combination of books, software and other prizes.

Submitted works will be judged by a panel of industry experts using the following criteria:

1) General excellence and the author’s passion for telling a good story.

2) The unique use of guerilla marketing tactics to reach a wider audience. This includes innovative marketing, merchandising, publicity tactics and other innovative methods of reaching an independent audience..

ENTRIES: Please classify your book and enter it in the following categories.Multiple entries must be accompanied by a separate fee for each book.

1) General Non-fiction

2) General Fiction

3) Children’s books

4) How-to

5) E-books (word or .pdf file acceptable)

6) Comics

7) ‘zines

8) Photography

9) Fan Fiction

10) Poetry

11) Art

12) Teenage

13) Biography/Autobiography

14) Audio/spoken word

15) Compilations/Anthologies

16) Best Unpublished Short Story

17) Cookbooks

18) Science Fiction

In addition to honoring the top selections in the above categories, The DIY Book Festival will award the following chosen from submissions:

1) DIY Author of the Year-Honors the outstanding book of the competition.

2) DIY Book Design of the Year — Honors outstanding and innovative design.

3) DIY Independent Publisher of the Year-Honors the top publisher based on materials displaying excellence in marketing and promotional materials, as determined by our judges.

FESTIVAL RULES: DIY Book Festival submissions cannot be returned. Each entry must contain the official entry form, including your e-mail address and contact telephone number. All shipping and handling costs must be borne by entrants.

NOTIFICATION AND DEADLINES: We will notify each entry of the receipt of their package via e-mail and will announce the winning entries on our web site ( Because of the anticipated high volume of entries, we can only respond to e-mail inquiries.

Deadline submissions in each category must be postmarked by the close of business on October 25, 2008. Winners in each category will be notified by e-mail. Please note that judges read and consider submissions on an ongoing basis, comparing early entries with later submissions at our meetings.

TO ENTER: Entry forms are available online at or may be faxed/e-mailed to you. Please contact our office for fax requests. Applications must be accompanied by a non-refundable entry fee of $10-$50 (see entry form drop-down menu for specific category prices) in the form of a check, money order or PayPal online payment in U.S. dollars for each submission. Multiple submissions are permitted but each entry must be accompanied by a separate form and entry fee.

You can also enter the contest by phone by calling 323-665-8080 between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Pacific time.

Entry fee checks should be made payable to JM Northern Media LLC. We’re sorry, but entries must be mailed and cannot be delivered in person or by messenger services to the JM Northern Media offices.

Entry packages should include:

1) One copy of the book;

2) Your official entry form or a copy;

3) The entry fee or receipt for online payment;

4) Any marketing materials you wish to send. Marketing is used as a tie-breaking consideration by our judges.

Entries should be mailed to:
JM Northern Media LLC
attn: DIY Book Festival
7095 Hollywood Boulevard
Suite 864
Hollywood, CA 90028-0893
Phone: 323-665-8080

AWARDS: The DIY Book Festival selection committee reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any project.

The 2008 DIY Book Festival is part of the DIY Convention: Do It Yourself in Film, Music & Books, which also produces the DIY Film Festival and the DIY Music Festival. The 2008 DIY Book Festival is sponsored by the Larimar St. Croix Writer’s Retreat, The Hollywood Creative Directory; eDivvy, Shopanista, Westside Websites and The DIY

Jul 29 2008
The Morning After WordPress Theme

This is the link to download the morning after theme for wordpress.

Very impressive theme

Jul 28 2008
ArtistForce Lunch 2.0 8/8/08

We’re intentionally not revealing details of this event.

Jonathan Romley, Founder & CEO of ArtistForce, is producing this event, so expect something a little different from the usual Lunch 2.0. We’ll still have lunch and Lunch 2.0 is still the best event for plugging into LA’s Web 2.0 community, but Jonathan is going to shake things up a bit.

About is the first web-based business platform and professional community designed to help live entertainment professionals successfully manage and expand their business.

ArtistForce offers web-based tools industry members use to communicate, manage relationships, negotiate offers, transact business, track bookings and share documents with a professional community of Agents, Managers, Venues, Promoters, Talent Buyers, and Performing Artists.

Mixergy’s Web 2.0 events are supported by:

Jul 28 2008
mac specials and news from Apple

The Apple Store has several announcements this week:
• Back-to-School promotion continues to out-perform and is proving to be the best offer for you to feature. We have just refreshed the banner ad campaign in the CJ interface.
• The Apple Store recently dropped the price on the 1.8GHz MacBook Air, from $3, 098 to only $2, 598 in the US and from $3,248 to only $2,748 in Canada; a savings of $500!
• Want to recommend the best back-up solution for a Mac? Feature Time Capsule: the ultimate wireless hard drive that works seamlessly with Time Machine in Mac OS X Leopard, available in two storage sizes.

Buy a Mac for college and get a free iPod touch. Order online and get free shipping. Exp 9/15

Jul 28 2008
wedding scrapbooks, slideshows or ecards

Create beautiful wedding scrapbooks, slideshows or ecards in just minutes!

Jul 28 2008
Mac OS Viruses

Looks like there are some new threats to the Mac OS. A New Trojan Horse that exploits the Mac OS using Apple Remote Desktop Agent.

SecureMac AV

More details at SecureMac

Jul 28 2008
GoDaddy 6.95 Special Domain $6.95 .com Sale 120x90

GoDaddy is running a special on domain names for $6.95 for the next 6 days. Make sure to get your domain names now.

Jul 28 2008
TracFone $9.99. The Motorola C139

Get a wireless phone starting at just $9.99 at is now offering wireless phones starting at $9.99. The Motorola C139 (in both black and pink) as well as the Motorola W175 are now available at this price (previously $14.99…that’s 33% off).
TracFone Wireless can be affordable by utilizing.

Get a wireless phone starting at just $9.99 at

Get a wireless phone starting at just $9.99 at

Jul 28 2008
SPAM EMAIL: DO NOT CLICK Free Video Nude Anjelina Jolie

Latest spam email: DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK

Free Video Nude Anjelina Jolie

About this mailing:

You are receiving this e-mail because you subscribed to MSN Featured Offers. Microsoft respects your privacy. If you do not wish to receive this MSN Featured Offers e-mail, please click the “Unsubscribe” link below. This will not unsubscribe you from e-mail communications from third-party advertisers that may appear in MSN Feature Offers. This shall not constitute an offer by MSN. MSN shall not be responsible or liable for the advertisers’ content nor any of the goods or service advertised. Prices and item availability subject to change without notice.

2008 Microsoft | Unsubscribe | More Newsletters | Privacy

Microsoft Corporation, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052

Jul 28 2008
The Source on Lake Gallery

NEWS RELEASE: July 28, 2008
The Source on Lake Gallery- 1565 North Lake Ave., Pasadena, CA 91104
Joe Boutell,CPF and Gene Rogolsky, Owners .
Tel: 626 794 1740
[email protected]
Press Release prepared and distributed by: The Source on Lake
For additional information on The Source on Lake Gallery, Lee Auerbach and Robert Walter, interviews and private viewings, please contact The Source on Lake 626.794.1740 or [email protected]

“Water and Earth: Photographic Abstracts of Hidden Worlds

PASADENA, CALIFORNIA – July 28, 2008- The Source on Lake is proud to host an exhibition of Abstract photography by photographers Lee Auerbach and Robert Walter, ““Water and Earth: Photographic Abstracts of Hidden Worlds ”, opening Saturday, August 23, 2008 at 6pm.

Lee Auerbach and Robert Walter’s photographic abstractions are aspects of nature that often remain hidden in plain sight. Both artists look beyond the ways nature’s beauty is often observed to find worlds waiting to be discovered in such places as the patterns and textures of ripples on a lake’s surface, in pebbles underfoot, and in dried leaves beside the trails we walk.

One way the artists immerse themselves more deeply in dialog with the natural world is by enhancing and, on occasion, transforming their abstract images in the digital darkroom. When each image is completed it is a paradox that is both abstract and very real as well as a catalyst for each viewer’s own
connection with nature.

Water and Earth is the gallery debut of Lee Auerbach’s Mountain Lake Abstracts, shot in the High Sierras during August 2007. Images from this series are printed on archival paper and canvas. This show also marks the public debut of the first of Robert Walter’s Warm Ice images. Using watercolors and melting ice, this work is a further extension of the artist’s interaction with natural patterns and systems.

Though Lee Auerbach has been a photographer since his teens, It wasn’t until his thirty’s that he discovered his deep affinity for nature . He has twice won Sierra Club photography competitions and has had images licensed in water conservation campaigns.

Robert Walter’s work is shown in galleries and in exhibitions, the most recent, “Beyond the Object”, a show that just closed at the San Diego Natural History Museum in Balboa Park. He says:

“People often see different things when they look at one of my images. I love this Rorschach effect because I feel it is a response to deeper patterns running through the natural world and if the viewer’s mind’s eye is activated, that means I’ve done my job and brought something alive from nature to this
flat piece of paper hanging on a wall.”

“Water and Earth” runs from August 23 to Sept.27, 2008

The Source on Lake is a unique gallery space in the showroom of award-winning fine arts
Framer, Joe Boutell. Boutell, along with co-owner Gene Rogolsky feature the work of specially
selected visual artists and provide specialized framing services for the best in fine art, limited
edition prints and three-dimensional objects. Their beautiful showroom allows for a unique visual
display of craftsman frames in an endless variety of styles, colors and materials. Boutell’s
talented, award-winning, framing and matting designs present wall art in the best display and
conservation traditions with cutting-edge techniques and styles for every setting.

Jul 28 2008
Hothouse rehearsal studio coupons

Check out the coupons for rehearsal time at Hothouse Studios.

The premiere studio in the Los Angeles and Orange County area.

Jul 28 2008
Yeah— for the immigrant it is

If an immigrant is over 65, he can apply for SSI and Medicaid and get more
than a woman on Social Security, who worked from 1944 until 2004. She is
only getting $791 per month because she was born in 1924 and there’s a ‘catch

It is interesting that the federal government provides a single refugee
with a monthly allowance of $1, 890. Each can also obtain an additional $580
in social assistance, for a total of $2,470 a month.

This compares to a single pensioner, who after contributing to the growth
and development of America for 40 to 50 years, can only receive a monthly
maximum of $1,012 in old age pension and Guaranteed Income Supplement.

Maybe our pensioners should apply as refugees!

Consider sending this to all your American friends, so we can all be
ticked off and maybe get the refugees cut back to $1,012 and the
pensioners up to $2,470. Then we can enjoy some of the money we were
forced to submit to the Government over the last 40 or 50 or 60 years.

Please forward to every American to expose what our elected politicians
have been doing over the past 11 years – to the over-taxed American.

Isn’t America Great!!! No wonder they all want to come here….


Jul 28 2008
A Salutary Tale

President Bush was out jogging one morning along the
parkway when he tripped, fell over the bridge railing and
crashed into the the creek, several metres below.

Before his Secret Service agents could get to him,
three kids, who were fishing, dropped their rods,
dived in and pulled him out of the water.

He was so grateful he offered the kids
anything they wanted.

The first one said, “I sure would
like to go to Disneyland.”

George said, “No problem.
I’ll take you there on Air Force One.”

“The second kid said, “I really need
a new pair of Nike Air Jordan’s.”

Bush said, “I’ll get them
for you and even have Michael sign them!

“The third kid said, “I want a motorized wheelchair with
a built-in TV and stereo headset!!”

Bush was somewhat perplexed by this response.
He scratched his head and said,
“You don’t look like you are handicapped.”

The kid says, “But I will be after my dad finds out
I saved your ass from drowning

Jul 28 2008
SimpleTech by Fabrik Turbo USB 2.0 External Hard Drive

[re]drive Turbo USB 2.0 External Hard Drive
Energy-efficient external hard drive uses less power

* Part number: R500U
* UPC: 705487176681
* Capacity: 500GB
* Warranty: 1 Year

* Eco-friendly ingredients and packaging
* Automatically powers on or off with your computer
* Simple plug n play add-on storage
* Turbo USB 2.0* interface, up to 25% faster than USB 2.0
* Also compatible with USB 2.0, 1.1
* Award-winning Fabrik backup software, including 2GB free online backup
* Friendly, free unlimited technical support
* PC and Mac compatible
* One-year warranty
* *Turbo USB 2.0 for Mac OS coming soon

* Part number: R500U
* UPC: 705487176681
* Capacity: 500GB
* Warranty: 1 Year

[re]new. some species of bamboo grow as much as two feet a day!
[re]cycle. aluminum is one of the planet’s most recycled metals.
[re]drive. made with replenishable bamboo + recycled aluminum.

Learn More

Jul 28 2008
Cuil to crawl your site

Webmaster Info

Cuil is the biggest search engine on the planet. In our quest to let users search as much of the Internet as possible, Cuil has indexed more than 120 billion pages so far.

If you would like Cuil to crawl your site and have it included in our index, please let us know.

Twiceler is the name of our robot Web crawler. The user-agent is “twiceler.” We understand that many small sites are bandwidth-limited, so we support the robots.txt Crawl-delay directive. You can read about robots.txt at and there is a simple generator of the file at

If you have modified your robots.txt file for Twiceler, it may take several days for us to re-read the file. If you need something blocked right away, please let us know.

Got a Twiceler question? If you have questions or concerns about Twiceler you can contact Jim. Jim’s the guy who keeps track of Twiceler, when he’s not busy with his horses.

If you would prefer that we not crawl your site at all we are happy to oblige. Just drop Jim a note to that effect and he will place your site or IP address on our do-not-crawl list. Be sure to be explicit about the site to block as email address domains frequently differ from the site in question.

Occasionally, we have seen other Web crawling robots masquerading as Twiceler. You can be sure it’s Cuil crawling your site if the robot has one of the following IP addresses:

To all those who have contacted us to let us know that they are happy to have their site included in a Web index for the first time, thank you for being a part of the biggest search engine on the Web—Cuil!


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