Dec 11 2013
Yahoo Email Fiasco Goes From Bad to Worse

Just when you thought “free” email couldn’t get worse, we have Yahoo! email services which have been down for thousands of customers for the past three days, affect many thousands on several occasions for the past several weeks, and many as far back as October when the site was revamped.

What really is irritating about the problem is that they can’t fix it, and even more irritating the attitude from those in charge.

For thousands the recovery leaves a gap of email for the past 7 days.

“Yahoo Mail’s head Jeff Bonforte finally addressed the massive outage that has kept Mail users from sending or receiving email since at least November 25, in a blog post on the Yahoo Mail Tumblr.

As of this writing, Bonforte – the man who told employees at a staff meeting last Friday that the only way Yahoo Mail customers would leave the service was if Yahoo kicked Mail users in the [testicles] – is on Twitter hurrying to politely placate Mail’s outraged users.”

Why does Bonforte find it necessary to make such comments! So distasteful when it comes to respecting users. Now thousands if not millions of Yahoo email users will take action and move to Gmail or other email services.

And it does appear that AT&T/SBC email services are affected. So if you have email like I do, well email is not working!

Yahoo get your act together, and better yet, have some respect for users and stop trying to cover things up!

If you are a small business you should not be relying on Yahoo, Google, or Microsoft free email accounts for your business, register a domain and pay for hosting. You can always have a backup account and you can also forward email from one account to another as a backup. But it is wise to have more than one email and if you order or take leads have those emails go to more than one email.

Much easier to go in periodically and purge emails than not have access.

Also recommended that you have one account on a desktop that downloads emails from the server via POP so it serves as an archive of sorts in case you need to access.

Update: As of this morning there are still many users affected by the Yahoo email outage.



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