Oct 29 2018
USC International Fasting Summit 2018


Leading researchers in the field will present a series of public lectures for a lay audience  focused on fasting and fasting-mimicking diets, aging and diseases

Friday, November 9, 2018


Radisson Hotel Los Angeles Midtown at USC
Los Angeles, California

Organized By:
USC Longevity Institute
Los Angeles, California


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Friday, November 9th

Friday, November 9th, Radisson Hotel (next to USC)
4:00pm – 9:30pm Public Event, Radisson Hotel Conference Room

4:00pm Arrival / Registration / Check-in
4:30pm -4:45pm Introductions by Valter Longo, Director Longevity Institute and Hassy Cohen, Dean Leonard Davis School of Gerontology, USC
4:45pm – 4:55pm A special appearance by a fasting supporter from the entertainment industry
5:00pm – 5:20pm Keynote
Intermittent fasting for beginners: the science behind the headlines
Michael Mosley, MD, BBC Television
Scientific Sessions
Chair: Alessio Nencioni, MD
5:25pm – 5:45pm “Extreme dieting” is the new black
Amanda Salis, University of Sydney
5:50pm – 6:10pm A Time to Fast
Rafael de Cabo, National Institute on Aging
6:15pm – 6:35pm The Circadian Code for the fountain of health
Satchidananda Panda, Salk Institute for Biological Studies, La Jolla, CA
6:40pm – 7:00pm Coffee break
Chair: Eric Ravussin, PhD
7:00pm – 7:20pm Fasting: Is it effective for weight loss?
Krista Varady, Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Baton Rouge, LA
7:25pm – 7:45pm Fasting and plant-based diet: the evolutionary code for a long and healthy life?
Andreas Michalsen, Charite University Hospital, Berlin, Germany
7:50pm – 8:10pm Intermittent fasting – Is it doable and does it do you good?
Michelle Harvie, The University of Manchester, UK
Chair: Ricki Colman, PhD
8:15pm – 8:35pm Intelligence and Creativity Evolved as Adaptations to Food Scarcity: Implications for Brain Health
Mark Mattson, National Institute on Aging
8:40pm – 9:00pm Dietary protein intake: too much of a good thing?
James Mitchell, Harvard University
9:05pm – 9:25pm Fasting, awakening the rejuvenation from within
Valter Longo, USC Longevity Institute
9:30pm Closing remarks



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