Jun 29 2010
Top ECigs on the Internet- Smoking the healthy way!

Pleasure knows no bounds. Your cravings to experience the pleasure of smoking has been proven deadly by scientists thanks to the adverse health effects of tobacco. But what if there is an alternative option which satisfies your cravings for smoking and is also safer on your health and environment?  The answer to the question is straightforward and it is Electronic cigarettes. These are gaining popularity because of the odourless and eco-friendly features they offer to the smokers of modern age. The technology behind these revolutionary smoking devices uses batteries to charge and consists of cartridges and detectors to give the smoker a very sensational smoking experience with amazing flavours. While many brands are being launched in the market, you cannot simply buy E Cigs of any brand. These are a few of my personal favourite brands of ECigs available online. These are laboratory tested and not unsafe to use.

  • Direct ECig This website offers state-of-the art electronic cigarettes which are laboratory manufactured. After its mention in the news channels like CNN, CNet, Abc , Fox news etc, it has gained name and fame. The special features of the Direct ECigs are stainless steel atomizer, single and double cartomizer, USB and wall charger etc. Exclusive trial kits and special offers need a special mention here.
  • Yet another worthwhile collection of electronic cigarettes with numerous flavours and money saving schemes can be found at Smoke Stik. This USA based ECigs dealer gives the advantage of using them anywhere and claims its products to be used by many celebrities. The Smoke Stik sale is the special feature of the site.
  • LUCI has caught much attention for its superb quality of electronic cigarettes and the customer services it provides. The website offers shipping and delivery services for their overseas customers and offers flexible payment options. There are also starter kits available and are simply great to try!
  • If you are planning to get rid the habit of smoking once for all, you might give a try to the products at CigArrest. This website has a collection of patented drugs and medicines which are absolutely risk-free. The medicinal supplements are available in forms of tablets, chewing gums, vitamin capsules, a handbook and an Audio CD. This is a very effective program brought to smokers who aspire to become non-smokers at the earliest.

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