Jun 23 2014
The LED Show Conference & Expo Los Angeles, September 16 -18, 2014 @LEDslightevents

The LED Show

September 16 -18, 2014. The LED Show Conference & Expo is the venue where quality Solid State Lighting and the latest innovative technologies will be showcased.

Due to massive growth in all sectors of Solid State lighting, this is a fascinating time for LED Technology. Analysts confirm that LEDs are seeing the most, vertical momentum in the history of Solid State Lighting. The LED Show 2014 conference was created and designed to help you understand the dynamics of this rapidly shifting and developing market. Topics such as Retrofitting, OLEDs, Quantum Dots, Substrates, Energy efficiency, and Color quality will be addressed and explored.

With more than 30 intense learning sessions provided, this year’s conference will be a comprehensive and in-depth learning opportunity.  Hear from our thought leaders, technologists, scientists, and market front-runners with fresh ideas and strategies you will need to succeed in the months to come.

This year, we are expecting record attendance for our conference and exhibits. The new venue at the Los Angeles Convention Center has been host to countless world-class events, now The LED Show will be added to this prestigious list. The LED Show is proud to have been named one of the “Top 25 Fast-Growth” in EXPO Magazine’s annual list.

The LED Show Conference hosts a broad spectrum of presenters discussing the next generation of LED lighting innovations. With the vertical rise of technology, comes the demand for a higher level of SSL education. The LED Show Conference and Exhibits will help you stay ahead of the learning curve. We have selected esteemed industry speakers and the most creative thinkers of our decade to discuss the latest achievements in SSL. LED / OLED technology is ever fast changing and as professionals in this arena, it is our duty to continually network and stay on top of this new technology. The intensive educational sessions will enable you to learn about the latest LED trends and emerging sciences.

  • Hear from Industry Experts giving their personal insights on the most significant topics on LED Lighting.
  • Receive a comprehensive overview on how to design a complete LED lighting solution package.
  • Meet with our Expo Manufacturers who will be presenting the latest, innovative LED fixtures & components.

NGL (Next Generation Luminaires – Pacific Northwest National Lab) will also be announcing the Next Generation Interior Lighting awards at the show.

Experience unlimited networking opportunities by collaborating with top architects, engineers, homebuilders, specifiers, designers, and distributors in the LED business.

We look forward to seeing you at The LED Show 2014, which will be one of this year’s most enlightening and strongest events serving the SSL community. Come join us in this valuable, global networking experience where you can connect with other SSL professional worldwide.



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