Jul 21 2020
Spectrum Internet For Free or Reduced Costs?

Can you really get Spectrum internet for free?

Well there are some plans that allow you to get internet at reduced prices, if you are a new customer, Spectrum/Charter is always looking to lure you in with promotions. Where the cost goes up is when the promotions end and or if you add video services, and all the added fees, taxes and surcharges.

There are some people who claim to be able to get Spectrum internet at very low rates.  Not sure how true it is, perhaps they are hotspots or shared internet.

The least expensive Spectrum internet package I could find was for 200 down and 10 up for $44.95 /mo.  Apparently there are some bundles where you can get it for $200 for 6 months. Not certain if that’s a promotion in certain areas, neighborhoods.



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