May 8 2023
Spectrum Charter Billing and Marketing Games

Recently I called Spectrum / Charter after they raised our rates for the third straight month.

The rep insisted we could save money by signing up for the ACP/ government subsidized internet. Stating that 90% of customers qualified for the ACP. This is basically a ploy to get you off the phone. Meanwhile Spectrum/Charter is baiting in new customers with special promotions and discounts to lure them into their marketing trap.
After attempting to bundle other services like video and cell phone into your services they then give you the monthly.
Then after a year your rates start to go into full increase mode, in may cases people have seen their bills double.
What Spectrum counts on is that you use the video and phone. Don’t! Don’t get the service to begin with. And be prepared to cancel.
What really stinks about the whole process is that when they raise the rates they leave some smaller promotion on your account and claim you are getting the best rate. That you are getting a great deal, and now they are using the ACP to shift the attention to the customer to get subsidies from the government to basically keep their revenue increasing.
Knowing that many of the people they send that route will not qualify for the subsidies.
Spectrum / Charter should be ashamed of themselves for the practices they continue to employ.
In addition when you speak to a rep, there’s no guarantee they do what they say they are doing.
In my case recently a rep from the retention department after being on the phone for about an hour, said they where adjusting my rate to $64.98 for internet and phone and that a new modem was being sent to resolve an issue on my account, the rep failed to do both of these. … and said I would receive a confirmation of the account, they failed to do that as well.
I had to call because the online portal did not allow me to schedule a service call, and the rep never adjusted my rate.
Nobody with the Spectrum seems to care as this is really the intended goal to string people along and frustrate them and basically lie to them.
Shame on Spectrum.
There will be an investigation and spectrum will pay a fine for their practices, and that is a cheap out compared to the millions and millions they make by continuing to employee their practices.
The best thing we can do as consumers is diversify and work with other providers for internet and other services.


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