Dec 31 2010
Secrets to Warehouse Shopping – Clark Howard

Ask employees about what different things mean

Big box stores.
splot a membership, if you don’t like it, they will give you your money back.

List the same address for two memberships

don’t have to buy a membership to buy prescription drugs
costco marks up 14% over their cost

What are the best things to buy:
– housewares
– cycles are different, buying things out of a cycle, when they are on sale

* at costco – specials and clearance
and 97 cents

BJ’s is clearance

Sam’s Club clearance prices end in 1 cent.

Middle of the middle… are the best deals, new merchandise, seasonal, opposite of food,
those items are marked down than anywhere else in the store!

Making it through costco for under $100!

Lots of organic in the warehouses!


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