Feb 21 2011
Renew your ACLS certificate online.

Professional certifications are an excellent way to advance your career and prospects. In the field of healthcare, where people’s lives and wellbeing are at hand, they are absolutely vital to have any prospect of advancement, or even simply employment. One such certification is the ACLS (Advanced cardiac life support), an exceptionally useful qualification for GPs and assistant medical staff, but also a very useful for skill for any person to have, as it may enable you to save lives with nothing more than your own body.

Sadly, like most professional certifications, the ACLS expires. This is important, as if you have not used the skill, it is easy to forget the specifics and thus when you do come to practise it, you may mark dangerous mistakes. Typically, you would need to travel to a qualified ACLS establishment to re certify yourself- costing time, money and inconvenience.

This is where Health Education Solutions comes in. They are a website who offer online education services for recertification in ACLS. It’s not vital that you practise the actual technique as part of the recertification, but you must know the particulars and how to apply them. As such, an online course is the perfect way to get yourself recertified, without all the hassle and travel. Simply take the recertification whenever you want to, day or night.

So, if you ACLS qualification is up for renewal, think about doing so online with Health Education Solutions.


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