Dec 13 2019
Porting Phone Line Service from Spectrum to Google Voice

Is it possible to port your phone line from a land line to Google voice? Apparently yes, but it requires some work, and you have to check to make sure that your area code is supported. First you have to move the landline service to a mobile service. In my case I chose TING, which offers a SIM card for $5 + $4 shipping. I am waiting to receive the SIM to proceed with porting my landline. Many landline customers have cancelled their service, but still the cost for a landline from Spectrum is $9.99 but can be higher depending on the level of service. Having a landline with Spectrum really offers no benefits.

If you live in Pasadena and are having issues with Spectrum you can contact: Franchise Administrator – City of Pasadena 150 S Los Robles, Suite101 Pasadena CA 91102 Phone: (626) 794-8585


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