Jul 31 2008
Passitto is now integrated with LinkedIn

Passitto is now integrated with LinkedIn

Import your LinkedIn profile!

We are happy to announce our integration with LinkedIn. In just a few easy steps you can import your entire LinkedIn profile into Passitto. You will also notice we have added LinkedIn’s Company Insider widget to member profiles. This will allow you to see how you are connected with various companies listed on the site.

Passitto is also integrated with Facebook, so if you don’t have a LinkedIn account, but you do have a Facebook account, you can still import your profile.

Group Calendar and Events

Another new feature of Passitto is the calendar and events system. All groups now have access to this feature. You can easily create events for your group, see who is planning to attend, post messages regarding the event, as well as have the event location mapped using Google Maps.

Remember, creating your own group on Passitto is quick, easy and 100% free. You can create a virtual extension of your existing leads, networking or industry group, as well as form a completely new group.

We invite you to check out all the new features!


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