May 28 2017
Pasadena Vons Store at Allen & Washington 2017 – May Close @vons

Some sad news for residents of Pasadena and Altadena who would shop at the Vons grocery store on Allen and Washington Blvd in Pasadena. This Vons location is currently in negotiations with the landlord and is in danger of closing.

This store has been here for many years, and is personally one of the best Vons locations.

There are many shopping options, but recently another Vons closed on Fair Oaks and Orange Grove. This location was vacated by Vons and is being occupied by Vallarta Markets. The Vallarta location is set to open in the coming months.

“1390 N Allen Ave is a parcel of land located in Pasadena, CA and has a legal description provided by the local assessor of LAX:5852004054. This parcel is owned by Alton Plaza Dev Co and can be described as a Shopping Centers.”…

The Vons store at Allen and Washington;

Apparently employees of the Vons location have been notified.
“The employees at Von’s today were told that the store will so be closing soon. A representative from HR was there to tell them that they will be transferred to other stores. This store is the number one store in it’s district and their lease is about to be renewed. The company that owns Von’s seems to be shutting down stores that are leased to the company and not owned by them. ”

Another story is starting to circulate that the Vons on California across from the Huntington Hospital is also in negotiations with the landlord and that if no deal it could be another Vons that closes.

How is it that Vallarta Market is able to negotiate terms and Vons is not?  Does Vons really just want to close unfavorable or markets not performing? Most likely yes. Is Vons parent company Albertsons considering buying Whole Foods?

This from Vons/Albertsons Public Affairs:

From VONS Director of Public Relations:
Thank you for reaching out.
While we are currently having discussions with the landlord to continue leasing our Vons store on N. Allen Avenue in Pasadena, there is a possibility we will be forced to leave the store in the near future. We are disappointed by this situation and sincerely hope we can come to an amicable agreement so we may continue to proudly serve the Pasadena community in this location as we have since 1976.
Jenna Watkinson
Director, Public Affairs

This story is receiving more attention, and we will see how the story develops. Maybe Vons would considering opening at the vacated Ralphs location on Lake in Altadena.


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