Nov 24 2015
Pasadena Hires New Director of Public Works Ara Maloyan from Long Beach @PWPnews


Long Beach, CA, Director of Public Works Ara Maloyan announced Tuesday his resignation from the City of Long Beach to accept a similar position with the City of Pasadena, to start December 14, 2015.  The City of Pasadena Public Works Director can earn just under $300,000 a year salary.

Maloyan was appointed Director of Long Beach, CA Public Works January 14, 2014.  A little under two years in that position, with some apparent controversy in the department and within departments. Hopefully Maloyan doesn’t bring that to Pasadena, as there are enough challenges the city is already working on.

The Press Telegrams reported one incident, where Maloyan had the follow outburst.

“Can someone tell me what the hell is going on here? We just finished paving this street and now looks like this!!!!” Maloyan wrote. “WHO AUTHORIZED THIS WORK WITHOUT DISCUSSING IT WITH ME?”

More details coming as Maloyan settles into his position in Pasadena.

Michael Beck current Pasadena City Manager has been on a hiring spree to fill positions which in many cases have been vacant for many months if not years. Why would Beck be in such a rush to fill positions as he himself has resigned?  Basically building a team and then leaving? Sounds like a recipe for some problems. Like a boss who hires a team and then quits. Doesn’t make a lot of sense, but perhaps it does to the Pasadena City Mayor Terry Tornek and the City Council as they are untimely responsible for the efforts to hire and fire city executives.



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