Nov 28 2007
Pasadena Ford and Ford Motors at the LA Auto Show

Pasadena, CA
Date: 11/28/07
By: Victor Caballero

I have to say I am very disturbed by my experience with Ford and their dealers.

I stopped by the LA Auto Show booth for Ford and signed up for take a test drive and get a $75.

So since Saturday when I went I have received no fewer than 50 calls!!! Either from an unknown number or from 888 520 7225, which is not answered and has a recording that is not affiliated with any dealer.
This morning I decided enough was enough, so I answered the call.

I asked them for the number to the dealer and that I would call when I was ready to take the test drive and to please remove my number from their database. They give me the number to the Ford dealer. 626.793.3154.

A few minutes later I get a call from what appears to be the Ford dealer in Pasadena, Pasadena Ford from an unkown number. Get a clue people, stop calling from unknown numbers unless you have something to hide or you are trying to protect your identity. I typically will not answer calls from Private Caller or Unknown, usually a solicitor of some sort, or sales people.

Anyway the person on the other end was rude, asked me to hold while she listens to her voice mail, WTF. You call me, I’m busy and you ask me to hold! What nerve. Anyway I tell her, I justed talked to someone at some other place and they gave me a number to call and I told her I would call the number when I was ready or I would just stop by. She emphasized that the Ford Escape is hot and selling for sticker price, ok, whatever and then proceeds to give me a different number, 626.993.3600.

Couple things, FORD, get this right, your cars are crap. I already have a Ford Taurus and the trany is giving out at 50k miles….. what a joke! Your dealers are a bunch of idiots for allowing people like this to handle calls to potential customers. The rear window doesn’t work, it just stopped working. The car is less than 3 years old and has been in the shop numerous times. I will never buy an american car, at least not FORD.

Will I come to take the test drive for the $75, most likely, but you bet I will report my experience, good or bad. Because the story continues.

Ford and Pasadena Ford, need to take a lead from other auto manafacturers. You guys are desparate, who wants to buy cars that use so much fuel and get such poor gas mileage. Plus the cars are so poorly made.

If you have something to add to your experience with Ford let me know.


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