Jun 12 2013
Pasadena Altadena Pizza of Venice @PizzaOfVenice


Pizza of Venice – Altadena is now doing several farmer’s markets, from Altadena, Mar Vista, and Hollywood.  There’s even days when they do delivery for a small charge.

On June 15, from 11am to 8pm Pizza of Venice Altadena will be open for business. It is a soft opening so be patient as the staff and owners work through the operation.


Pasadena Altadena Pizza of Venice POV
P.O.V. Pizza of Venice
Pizza with a Point of View

Here’s the menu:

Finally……..Pizza with a Point Of View!

What makes our pizza special?

• No Preservatives • No Additives • Handmade Dough • Locally Sourced Ingredients …We are the hospitality business’s best friend…Buy P.O.V. wholesale pizza and sell it for double.

Jamie and his team serve up dozens of pizzas at the popular Altadena Farmer’s Market on Wednesdays from 4-8pm(Summer hours).  A store is in the works, scheduled to be opening in about a month, to be located at Yes, PIzza of Venice has a restaurant underway — and it will be at 2545 North Fair Oaks, Altadena, shopping center.

I have to say the pizza is very good, made in a barrel type bbq. For $7 you can pick various toppings or you can buy your own ingredients and have the pizza made fresh with your ingredients. I had the Fungi Pizza with various mushrooms, cheese, and grilled onions.


POV — Pizza of Venice
Jamie Woolner
Cell: (310) 780-0632
email: jamiewoolner@gmail.com

This is some grassroots propaganda form your local pizza hustlers!


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