Dec 9 2019
Pasadena EV Chargers 44 DC Fast and Tesla Chargers at Paseo Colorado Parking

Tesla has new operational chargers in Pasadena, in the Paseo parking lot across from the BJ’s and Equinox, top level parking structure. There are what appears to be 24 Tesla changers and at least 20 of the non-Tesla Level 3 chargers, there is a new topic of discussion around there really not being a level 3 charging, that there are really only level 1 and level 2, you can watch this Professor John D Kelly discuss the topic. There will be 44 chargers total when the Pasadena Fast Chargers become operational. A ribbon cutting is anticipated sometime in February 2020. There are other large charger facilities around but 44 in one location is certainly a large installation. If you have been to Caltech you have seen the installation of chargers there with a variety of different chargers.

The City of Pasadena labeled chargers are pay to use, we are not certain of the rates to use, and the only other Level 3 DC fast charger we know about is located at the Del Mar parking structure operated by Greenlots. For these it appears that Titanium has been working with with ChargePoint on the network.

For the City of Pasadena chargers they appear to be branded with VeeFit, which at this point could be ChargePoint or another app that is required to use. No details on the charge rate at this time.

The biggest challenge here is knowing what the charge is to charge and driving up to the top floor. And parking rates, perhaps this lot with 90 minutes free with validation, or 30 minutes free without, it wasn’t even clear to the people using the Tesla chargers this past weekend, but it appeared that all the Tesla chargers are in full operation and this location is not even showing on the Tesla app. Once that happens we expect usage to go way up, perhaps Tesla will increase the number of chargers as there is room, and perhaps solar panels will be installed to help with energy production.

There is a handicap parking spot for EV, which makes sense as the portion of chargers is important to have a spot for handicapped parking.

According to reports Tesla covered the infrastructure cost for installing the 20 city owned chargers, estimated at $140,000..

There are a few level 2 chargers located on the bottom floor.

Margie Otto, spokesperson for Pasadena Water and Power has not returned inquiry for more details.


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