Dec 24 2017
Panda Express + Tea Bar Coming to Pasadena South Lake @PandaExpress @626food

Panda Express + Tea Bar is coming to South Lake Pasadena.

There will be new healthier option available. Schedule to open before the end of 2017, possible before December 30, 2017.



Besides the tea options there will be items you can find at the Panda Innovation location in Pasadena, including wraps, burritos, salads and other healthy options.

Stay tuned to another great development for the restaurant scene in Pasadena.  Panda Restaurant Group is headquartered in Rosemead, CA and is privately held.  With over 2,000 locations.

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One thought on “Panda Express + Tea Bar Coming to Pasadena South Lake @PandaExpress @626food

  1. Hi! Do you happen to know what is going in at the old Borders site on South Lake? It seems that the for lease sign has been removed.


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