Feb 15 2013
P2P Investing and Lending with Lending Club Great Rates

Lending Club Investing

Lending Club is a US company that offers loan trading. It is a consumer loan and investment platform. Since beginning we have provided $1,201,449,700 loans. The investors who have purchased directly from Lending Club have gained positive benefit regardless of investment.

You can buy 800 Notes with minimum asset of $20,000 from Lending Club. Every month thousands of investors are turning towards Lending Club for loans and solid returns.

You can have guaranteed solid returns for Lending Club Notes. As of January 7, 2013 it has provided an average of Net annualized returns. The grades of between 5.66% and 12.07% are provided. The grades are offered at Lending club according to your investment objectives.

Lending Club offers monthly cash flow to investors. They receive cash payments of principal and interest on monthly basis. If an investor invests $100,000 in thirty six months Net annualized return provided will be according to grade C Notes which are total of 9.5%. The investor will receive cash payments of $3,200 each month and can withdraw the payment or reinvest if want.

Lending Club has provided 22 successive positive returns to its investors.

Lending Club tells you what are prime consumer notes? Prime consumer notes are fixed income investments by which investors can generate cash flow each month in the form of payments of interest and principal.

You can intensify your portfolio by investing hundreds and thousands of notes. At lending club you can build a portfolio that suits your investment plans including Green Loans.

At Lending Club you can choose the right account for you.

We offer individual accounts which is for you.

Joint account which for two or more persons that hold joint interest.

Trust account is an account under the control of trustee which control benefits on behalf of beneficiary.

Corporate account is an account which is in the name of body and it is controlled by its representatives.

Minor account is also known as custodial account includes Uniform Gifts to Minor Act.

You can get better returns by investing in the products that are offered at Lending Club. You can have solid returns, Monthly cash flow and you can have account that suits your investment goals.




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