Apr 24 2020
Open Letter to Charter Spectrum Regarding Handling of COVID19 Pandemic and Customers @Ask_Spectrum @CharterNewsroom @GetSpectrum

Dear Charter Executives,

I am writing this letter after being frustrated beyond words with your
customer facing representatives and the tactics being employed by your

As a business, our revenue has dropped to zero. And most employees
have been laid off.

In my first communication with Spectrum related to our business
enterprise account it was hours on the phone to even speak with
someone. After this I was told that there would be no services
disconnected. Then I was told by another rep that it was only for 60
Then I was told that we could request service suspensions. Which made
the most sense for us as there was nobody at our facility to watch TV
and we really only needed a few of our internet services, fiber and
coax internet. So I requested that the services on tv and some
internet lines be suspended. That was end of March, Now today after
receiving a threatening collections call yesterday about our account
being past due, The rep stated, pay the account or your services will
be disconnected, how would you like to pay.
I asked to speak to a manager, who stated the leadership changed their
mind and not accept suspension of services.
I have case numbers and the fact that this was not communicated and
the way it was communicated is of grave concern. Perhaps it ties to
revenue bottom line and accounts receivable. which is a terrible

Needless to say there was no clear direction communication offered.
This is in stark contrast with my communication with other companies
Verizon for Wireless and FiOS was a breeze, they offered suspension of
accounts saved us money and flagged our account for COVID19 bill
relief, no late fees, no disconnections.

Having been a Spectrum/Charter customer for many years, and paying
over $250,000 in service fees you would think that your company would
have better ways to handle business enterprise customers.

I trust your company will do the right thing for customers who are
affected. The last thing businesses need is more headaches.



email kathleen.mayo@chartercom.com did not bounce

Thomas M. Rutledge
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

John Bickham
President and Chief Operating Officer

Bill Archer
Executive Vice President, President of Spectrum Enterprise
email: Bill.Archer@chartercom.com bounced

Catherine C. Bohigian
Executive Vice President, Government Affairs

Cameron Blanchard
Senior Vice President, Communications
email: Cameron.Blanchard@chartercom.com bounced

Cliff Hagan
Executive Vice President, Customer Operations
email: Cliff.Hagan@chartercom.com did not bounce


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