Nov 30 2011
New $329 Laptops…Limited Stock

You know, what they say is true! Some of the best deals are after Black Friday, and this amazing deal is no exception! This last weekend was crazy, and after all the dust settled, our guys in the warehouse found all these great products way in the back. When we heard about some of them, we just had to get them out in the light of day. So here’s one that we thought would be perfect for all you road warriors, work at home types, and students alike!

We’re talking about a sweet NEW 14″ laptop for you for just $329.99! How amazing is that? This puppy comes with a blazing 2.3GHz war horse processor, to hold all those holiday photos you know you are going to take, along with 3GB of memory, so it’s not lagging behind when you want to quickly save those updates to your Christmas shopping lists.

With its fat 320GB hard drive, you have as much room as you wish you had after finishing four helpings of your Mom’s Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner! After all, you can never have enough space for all those Digital Copies of your favorite movies, downloaded music, and embarrassing family photos. And with its stunning 14 inch, better than 720p HiDef display, it the perfect movie machine on the go.

Want the nuts and bolts? It is powered by an Intel Pentium Dual-Core T4500 2.30GHz processor to get things done super quickly. With its 14-inch HD Widescreen WXGA High-Brightness display, enjoy high-quality graphics thanks to the Intel� Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD. Stay connected with your friends and family this holiday with the 0.3 integrated webcam and 802.11b/g/n wireless networking. The eMachines eMD728-4838 LX.ND002.001 Notebook PC also features a 2-in-1 media reader to easily transfer multimedia from your Digital Camera or Camcorder. Get a truly Happy Holiday experience with the eMachines eMD728-4838 LX.ND002.001 Notebook PC.

Now here’s the scoop, at just $329.99 for a brand new laptop (just 3 weeks before Christmas) it’s not going to last long. Heck, it’ll probably be gone this week. So, click the link below. Take a look at this truly great laptop value for the home, office, or school. If you decide you like it, I recommend you hurry. These $329 laptops will be a Christmas memory real soon.

Get Your $329 Laptop Now – Click Here


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