Feb 12 2014
Le Mervetty Opens in Beverly Hills on Valentine’s Day @LeMervetty

1394205_252144428268283_1929046891_nJust in time for Valentine’s Day, Le Mervetty – specializing in Merveilleux, a meringue and whipped cream based French confection – launches in Beverly Hills. With flavors such as chocolate, coffee and praline, the delicate dessert makes the perfect Valentine’s Day treat.


Opening in February 2014 in Beverly Hills, Le Mervetty is a new French concept shop specializing in Merveilleux, a meringue and whipped cream based French confection. The shop, named after pastry chef and owner Etty Benhamou, means “Le Merveilleux d’Etty.” Etty has created a version of the French classic with elements that reflect both her vision and her time spent living in France.

Le Mervetty offers guests the real Merveilleux from Paris, using artisan ingredients from the meringue to the whipped cream to the imported French and Belgian chocolate. The take-away patisserie will feature five flavors including chocolate, nutella, coffee, praline and speculoos in two sizes, as well as larger cake-sized offerings upon request. Seasonal specials and special event offerings will also be available on occasion, including the signature Pavlova Merveilleux made with meringue and strawberries. Each morning guests can also enjoy freshly baked individual meringues and canelé, a perfect addition to their daily coffee.

The boutique retail space, designed by Anna Nikitina, features modern French décor. Inspired by the famous Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, the logo is carried throughout the store from the tutu aprons on the servers to the luxurious packaging.

Le Mervetty will bring an entirely new pastry experience to Beverly Hills with a selection of the Merveilleux from Paris prepared to perfection daily.

About Owner / Pastry Chef Etty Benhamou

Born and raised in Israel, Etty had a creative mind from a young age and was always looking for an artistic outlet, whether it be painting, singing, or cooking. Fascinated by ballerinas, Etty became inspired by the story of AnnaPavlova, spending hours researching her life. During her research, Etty discovered the origin of the Pavlova dessert, created in honor of the dancer during a tour of New Zealand in the 1920s. The story of ballerinas and AnnaPavlova not only became an inspiration for the theme, but also for the signature offering, the Pavlova Merveilleux, made with meringue, cream and fresh strawberries.

Le Big Cake

While living in Paris, Etty affirmed her love for merveilleux through her travels, which would set the base for the creation of her merveilleux years later. In 2008,Etty moved back to Los Angeles with her family, where her passion for making merveilleux turned into the dream of bringing the dessert she so loved in Paris to the city she called home. With a desire to bring the best to Los Angeles,Etty mastered the art of making the delicate dessert with the help of her assistant pastry chef, Daniel Stein, as well as consultant Raphael Soroczinsky, who came from both Providence restaurant in Los Angeles and Sanderens, a two-star Michelin restaurant, in Paris.


319 North Canon Drive

Beverly Hills, CA 90210



Tuesday–Sunday, 9:00am–6:00pm



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