Jul 19 2013
John Marek – Back of my Head (guitar and drums at the same time)

With over 400,000 views in about three days since the posting.

Available on Itunes soon! Also, check out my other video “Blanket of Hurt”. On top of that, here is a link to my band before we broke up recently if you wanna check it out https://www.facebook.com/IdeationMusic/


Met a girl and she makes me feel alright
She’s the one I’ve been waiting all my life
But in the back of my head
I think she fakes it just to make it feel nice
I take a good look again
And she’s aiming at my heart with a knife

And she says….
So she says…..

Look in her eyes and feel the sorrow and the pain
The tears are rolling down her cheeks and coming down like rain
I wanna save her soul
And let her know
I feel the same
But she don’t listen to a word
And she don’t wanna be rearranged

So she said…..
So she said…..
So she says…..


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