Jul 30 2013
iPad Not Connecting to WiFi Verizon MiFi JetPack

If you have experienced issues connecting to a wifi/mifi hot spot and have resorted to reseting network settings, refreshing the settings, rebooting, everything short of backing up and restoring from factory settings. Well I have what may be a solution. After spending an hour or so on this I decided to refresh the JetPack 890 back to factory default, and that still didn’t work, so I decided lets see what happens if we change the SSID name to something else, maybe shorter, so I called it “Verizon-JetPack1” and then tried to connect and viola, it connected.

So simple changing the name of the WIFI SSID resolved the issue, on a WIFI I had never been able to connect to.
Strange but true.

Some users have reported that resetting the network settings fixes the issue of “Unable to Join” errors.

Other iPads could connect to the default SSID, but one was just not able to, it had been updated to the latest software, so that was not it.

If anyone else has experienced this it would be good to know.


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