Jul 8 2014
Independent Musicians Becoming Big Hits In Canada


Canada’s independent music landscape is doing amazingly well. Adventure Club, a Montreal-based Electronic dance music duo is doing fantastic things. They have put great efforts in order to grow and propel their independent career. One of the things quickly established is the group’s desire to control and preserve their creativity. However, they maintain they do not mind some friendly advice from other labels, what gets them off is complying with an executive’s dictation on their ideas. Independence also allows them to communicate effectively with their fans. In addition, this allows them to pitch ideas and get feedback from cherished fans.

Since the birth of Adventure Club, they always looked forward to playing at Coachella. This dream coming true was a real taste of success. One of the biggest achievements was closing out the Sahara tent for two weekends and having fans sing along to their songs. Their main aim is not simply release a lot of music, but to pride in putting exerted effort to create beautiful pieces that will impress fans. Since the indie scene is massive in Canada, this helps them sell their music and gives people a chance to sample their unique and vibrant sound.

Over time, Adventure Club’s sound had greatly changed, from dirty bass to liquid beautiful music. They continue to experiment with various sounds and genres to bring out that excellent taste in music. TuneCore is excellent because their fans have a reliable alternative to enable them access their music. This also led to astronomical growth of their fan base. In addition, the fans are willing to support them and this keeps the fire burning. Some challenges they go through is the saturation of the internet with new music. This requires a great deal of time and dedication in order to remain relevant and successful on the global scene. Currently, Adventure Club is producing new music due to be out in about 3 month’s time. They are also getting ready for a massive and thrilling tour, to be announced soon. Check out more on TuneCore Canadian Artists.


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