Aug 10 2021
In-N-Out Burger New Pasadena Location on Colorado Blvd @innoutburger


The applicant proposed to demolish the existing 10,078 square-foot restaurant building and construct a new 3,879 square-foot formula fast- food restaurant with outdoor dining areas and a drive-through on the existing 46,832 square-foot property. The project would provide 45 parking spaces and 29 queuing spaces to serve the restaurant. The application lists the proposed hours of operation as 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. Monday through Thursday and 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. Friday and Saturday.

The approval of a drive-through business shall require that the review authority first make all of the following findings, in addition to those required for a Conditional Use Permit by Section 17.61.050:The proposed parking and circulation plan will provide adequate area for safe queuing and maneuvering of vehicles, and the site design will provide adequate buffering of the use from adjoining land uses; and The proposed location of the drive-through business will not result in adverse impacts upon the vicinity after giving consideration to a litter clean-up plan, the hours of operation, and the site plan. The proposed drive-through business is located within 500 feet from another fast food restaurant with drive-through service (Taco Bell located at 1953 East Colorado Boulevard). The project would require approval of a Variance from the 500-foot separation requirement from another drive-through in addition to the Conditional Use Permit required for the drive-through component. On future submittals, please demonstrate compliance with all applicable development standards

—- This is of particular interest, as we hope that In-N-Out and keep the areas clean of trash and debris.¬† The other In-N-Out in the area is about a mile away… so not too far.


In-N-Out Burger
Attn: Jim Lockington
(626) 813-8289

Recommendation: This report is intended to provide information to the City Council; no action is required.

Please call 800-786-1000 for an experienced In-N-Out service rep Su-Th 8am-1am PT Fr-Sa 8a-1:30a PT


Staff Report



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One thought on “In-N-Out Burger New Pasadena Location on Colorado Blvd @innoutburger

  1. Doesn’t this mean they close up the old one? Wish they could keep it open, but if they didn’t do it with the original in Baldwin Park doubt they’ll do it in Pasadena.


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