Aug 30 2012
Great Deals On Printer Ink Cartridges With ComboInk

We live in a thoroughly modern world, where electronic information is very much King and everything else is old-school or outdated…..that being said, we seem to have been working towards the ‘paperless office’ for as long as I can remember and we’re still not there yet! I think that even the most die-hard techno-cherishers would have to admit that we will always need hard copies of certain items and that this will never change.

Even the most modern office still resounds to the whir and hum of the photocopier and while everyone can accept that the photocopier is a necessary addition, we don’t have to accept extortionate costs for replacement parts, paper or toner.

One way we can save money on these necessary items, is to buy them from a company completely focussed on this specialism and with the pedigree to match.

ComboInk specialise in bringing the very best deals on printer ink, toner and photo paper to its clients without the distraction of dealing in anything else.

Every major brand, printer and cartridge type are stocked and can be searched for with infinite ease just by utilising the user-friendly drop down boxes on the website. Best of all ComboInk’s products are available at prices significantly below those common to the market. By buying its stock in high volumes directly from the manufacturers, basing themselves in Portland so that they can exploit the sales-tax-free state and only selling online so as to reduce the usual operating costs, ComboInk can offer its products at hugely reduced prices.

They even offer you deals to further wet your appetite. How about a:

1-Year Money Back Guarantee that’s coupled with a Low Price Guarantee

12% off in their Back-To-School Sale by utilising the promo code: BTS12, (valid until 15th September 2012)

A chance to win a $50 Gift Card merely by liking them on Facebook

Free Shipping on orders over $50


ComboInk even ticks the sustainability box by utilising re-manufactured cartridges that are both eco-friendly and cost effective to save you money and help to save the environment.

Need replacement ink…..not really a tough decision where to go is it?


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