Apr 4 2012
FreeTwitTube – Combines Twitter with YouTube for Greatest Social Media Experience @FreeTwitTube


FreeTwitTube is an application that enhances your YouTube experience by seamlessly blending up-to-the-minute, real-time Twitter streams with your YouTube video page.

FreeTwitTube is by far the easiest way for you to hear what others have to tweet about your videos!

With FreeTwitTube you can reply or retweet Twitter comments directly from your YouTube video page!

FreeTwitTube combines Twitter with YouTube in order to provide you with the greatest social media experience the net has to offer!

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FreeTwitTube (FTT) is a Yontoo app powered by Buzzdock.

FreeTwitTube was the idea of a few creative individuals from Carlsbad, CA. The idea came from a simple insight; give users current content that’s relevant to videos they’re watching. By combining live streaming, never-ending content from Twitter™ with the vast video selection from YouTube™, you get exactly that.

This safe, secure & free app allows you to interact with the videos you watch without ever leaving YouTube. Once downloaded, you will see FTT’s easy-to-use toolbar under the video player whenever on YouTube. The toolbar lets you not only see tweets, but also reply & retweet whenever you choose. FTT combines the power of Twitter & YouTube to give you a richer video experience.



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