Jul 30 2012
Firefox Version 15 Released

Firefox Version 15 Released

In what continues to be a fast and furious release schedule, Mozilla has released version 15.

Firefox 15 Beta Tackles Memory Leaks

Firefox 15…will significantly reduce Firefox’s memory consumption…is likely to be faster…and less likely to crash.

[M]any add-ons have memory leaks…such as Adblock Plus, Video DownloadHelper, GreaseMonkey and Firebug…the top four add-ons! …these add-ons each exhibited a particular kind of leak that we call a zombie compartment. … Users with multiple add-ons are more likely to suffer…high memory consumption, which has the following visible effects.

  • Long freezes. …
  • General sluggishness during basic operations. …
  • Occasional drastic slowdowns…due to the paging of data. …
  • Out-of-memory crashes or aborts.


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