Apr 23 2012
FBI Computer Warning – DNS Changer Hack

Hundreds of thousands of computers could be affected by a computer virus, under the category of DNS Changer.

We are learning more about this hacker tool, where computers have been infected and basically when you try to go to a certain site, it is blocked or you are re-directed to another site or perhaps no sites at all, if the DNS servers are not available you may not be able to get online.

So watch out for suspect sites that your computer loads.

Here’s more info from the FBI.

The page allows you to enter your DNS and have the page check it for validity.

You can also test to see if you are affected by visiting the following DNSChanger Check-Up sites below. If this Check-Up site indicates that you are affected by DNSChanger, then visit https://www.dcwg.org/cleanup.html for information on how to address this problem.

But the tool at DCWG is not available… perhaps it is getting hit pretty hard.

This page appears to be working:


DNS Changer Working Group (DCWG)



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