Mar 4 2024
City of Pasadena Trash and Sewer Rate Increases 2024 – Protest Link Email

Pasadena Residents Pay Attention

The city of Pasadena has plans to increase the cost of sewer use fees. It’s a five year plan that increase the residents cost and will be triple the cost for all residents in 5 years!!

They cannot legally move forward with this program if 50% of the residents protest the increase.  Both rate increases are from Pasadena Public Works.

In addition to the sewer fees increase, there are plans to increase substantially the cost of refuse collection. 

Public Notices posted here:

Please send an email to, if you are able to attend in person please do so, but email is encouraged as well.

Include in your email:

Please include your name and the parcel or billing address, write

“City of Pasadena Proposed Refuse Collection Fees”, and indicate whether you are protesting the rate.

This LINK will create a “City of Pasadena Proposed Refuse Collection Fees” PROTEST email for you, please fill in your name and property address/parcel so that it is registered accordingly.


“Implementation of Sewer Use Fee Rate Adjustments”, and indicate whether you are protesting the rate.

This LINK will create a “Implementation of Sewer Use Fee Rate Adjustments” PROTEST email for you, please fill in your name and property address/parcel so that it is registered accordingly.

Link text
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No data is kept using this mail link.
Send before April 8, 2024. 
Write to your City Council and city staff and managers as well.  

Public Works – Tony Olmos

Mayor Victor Gordo,

City Mgr. Miguel  Márquez,

City Clerk Mark Jomsky,

D1 Tyron Hampton,

D2 Felicia Williams,

D3 Justin Jones

D4 Gene Masuda,

D5 Jess Rivas,

D6 Steve Madison,

D7 Jason Lyon,

***One email per address*** *** email due date is before April 8th***

Rate Increases for garbage and sewer.
Let me put that another way. 174% rate increase for sanitation, and another 243% rate increase for sewage. Seems steep.
And if 33,501 Pasadena residents and business owners don’t show up and ‘protest’ on April 8th, and 5:30 PM for a meeting of 2 hours, it’s happening.
How in the world did they expect to hear and accommodate 33,501 residents? It appears to be a done deal otherwise. 
You can ‘protest’ via email or postal mail. One per property. Still, seems you need over 33k ratepayers in on the protest. Who’s counting?
City of Pasadena Hosts Community Meetings to
Present Five-Year Sewer and Refuse Rate Adjustments
PASADENA, Calif.— The City of Pasadena Public Works Department is hosting two community meetings to present the proposed Five-Year Sewer Use Fee and Solid Waste Refuse Rate adjustments for implementation on July 1, 2024. The two community meetings are scheduled for:
  • Tuesday, March 19 • 5:30 p.m.– 6:30 p.m., Robinson Park Recreation Center, 1081 N. Fair Oaks Ave.
  • Wednesday, March 20 • 5:30 p.m.– 6:30 p.m., Victory Park Recreation Center, 2575 Paloma St.
Why the Proposed Five-Year Rate Adjustments?
Proposed Solid Waste Refuse Collection Fee – The Public Works Resource Recovery and Recycling Division actively manages the Refuse Program that provides integrated waste management services for over 27,000 residential accounts, a limited number of commercial service accounts, and all city accounts; manages the commercial franchise hauler system within the city; and organizes a variety of recycling opportunities and community outreach events. Funding to provide waste management services is supported through refuse collection fees, which have remained flat for residential customers since Fiscal Year 2012.
In February 2023, the Department of Public Works retained MSW Consultants to perform a cost-of-service study of the City’s solid waste rate to ensure that fees generate sufficient revenue stay compliant with California Senate Bill 1383, statewide effort to reduce emissions of short-lived climate pollutants, and cover current and future solid waste operations and capital expenses. The rate study findings recommend adjustments to the residential and commercial rates for the next five-year period, between Fiscal Year 2025 and Fiscal Year 2029 to remain fiscally solvent.
Proposed Sewer Use Fee Rate Adjustments and New Rate Structure – The Sewer Use Fee is charged to users of the sewer system to pay for the cost of operating the system, ongoing maintenance, and needed capital improvements. The current fee is based on consumers’ water use. Over the last ten years, with long-term statewide drought conditions and water conservation efforts, the amount collected has not kept up with the cost of maintaining Pasadena’s aging sewer infrastructure and the City has not raised the sewer use fee by more than the consumer price index since 2007.
In March 2023, the Department of Public Works retained Raftelis Financial Consultants, Inc. to conduct a comprehensive cost of service rate study to evaluate and provide recommendations regarding the City’s sewer use fee calculation methodology and rate amount. The proposed fee increase will maintain sewer services and the financial stability of the Sewer Conveyance System. The new rate structure has a fixed rate for both residential and commercial customers plus a volumetric rate based on water consumption.
For more information about the proposed Sewer and Refuse Rate adjustments, visit:
Notice of Public Hearing
The Pasadena City Council will hold a public hearing on Monday, April 8, 2024, at 5:30 PM, in the City Council Chamber located at 100 N. Garfield Avenue, Room S249, Pasadena, CA 91101, to receive public comment regarding adjustments to the Solid Waste Refuse Collection Fees for residential customers and Sewer Use Fee Rate Adjustments and New Rate Structure to become effective July 1, 2024
For more information about the proposed Sewer and Refuse Rate adjustments, visit:
Stay connected to the City of Pasadena! Visit us online at; follow us on Twitter at @PasadenaGov, and Instagram and Facebook at @CityOfPasadena; or call the City Service Center Monday through Friday during business hours at (626) 744-7311.

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