Feb 21 2024
City of Pasadena to Enforce the Use of Leashes on Dogs at Pasadena Parks
City of Pasadena to Enforce the Use of Leashes on Dogs at Pasadena Parks
With the increase of community reports of off-leash dogs at Pasadena parks, the City of Pasadena reminds the public to leash dogs at all times while visiting city parks, with the exception of Alice’s Dog Park in Viña Vieja Park and Playhouse Village Dog Park which are designated off-leash areas.
Pasadena Municipal Code (PMC) 6.12.010 prohibits off-leash dogs in City parks outside of designated off-leash areas. Those who violate the code are subject to citation, which may result in a fine up to $500.
To ensure the safety of all park visitors, the City of Pasadena will begin issuing citations to dog owners with dogs off-leash starting Thursday, Feb. 22. Pasadena Humane will enforce leash requirements and continue to provide the community with education on dog-leashing.
“Our focus is to ensure that public spaces remain safe for all park visitors,” said Pasadena Public Health Department Deputy Director, Manuel Carmona. “Because ongoing efforts to educate park visitors about leash requirements have not been effective, we are transitioning to stricter enforcement to protect the public.”
Leashing dogs reduces the risk for dog attacks on other dogs and humans, and lowers the risk of other accidents, such as dogs being hit by passing cars. Pasadena park visitors who witness unleashed dogs outside of designated off-leash areas can report their concerns to Pasadena Humane at (626) 792-7151 ext. 102.
For more information, visit: Pasadena City Park Rules.

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