Jun 20 2009
Charter Communications Please Stop Mailings!

If you are like me you are getting really tired of asking Charter Communications to stop send solicitations to sign-up for their service. I would not sign-up for Charter services even if they gave it away for free and would rather not have TV service. Charter is one of the worse when it comes to customer service and quality of service.

Today after requesting multiple times that I be removed from their mailing list I received not one but two offers in the mail.

Charter, what part of take me off your list do you not understand?

As a shareholder this is a complete waste of money to send mail which eve at bulk rate pre sorted adds up. I would say from the ones I have received it would add up to at lest $20-30 in postage. Not to mention it is irresponsible of Charter to continue to send mail to an address after multiple requests have been made to be removed from the list.

12405 Powerscourt Drive
St. Louis, MO 63131


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